The aim of the project is to develop an automatic system for quantification of organisms larger than 50 µm in ballast water samples, using image analytical techniques. The sensor detects organisms as described in recent regulations on ballast water from IMO and US Coast Guard.

The method is quick and simple to use, so that the test can be performed directly after sampling on the ship. The idea is to develop a new kind of sensor that is adapted to the analysis of ballast water samples that are rugged and simple to operate. The product is intended for port authorities, manufacturers of water treatment systems, classification societies, testing organisations, as well as ship operators wishing to carry out self-monitoring.


Ballast Water Investigation System, BallastWISE

Report to the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark

  • MEPC 71/INF.25
  • published on 28 April 2017

HARMFUL AQUATIC ORGANISMS IN BALLAST WATER: Development of a versatile methodology using Motility and Fluorescence Assays (MFA) to count viable organisms. 

Ballast Water Control System

Report to the The Danish Maritime Fund.